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John Reading

July 2007

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saldemonium in mcshep_bound


FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

What is McShep Bound?

A livejournal community that is sending a McShep-centric journal by snail mail fan to fan to be filled with original work. Inspired by fandom_bound.

Can I join?

Yes! Your level of involvement is up to you.

When will the journal get to me?

This is a long-term project. Each journal has 144 pages; therefore it can potentially feature the work of 144 fans. It's traveling by snail mail, and each fan will keep it long enough to create their work. It's difficult to say when the journal will get to you, but it will.

What are the rules?

1. Have fun.
2. When it is your turn, give your address to the person you are getting it from.
3. When it arrives open it carefully - we re-use the packaging and return address.
4. Do/Insert your work.
5. Make note of what page(s) you use. (No more than 2 facing pages!)
6. Scan the results.
7. Send the scan to mcshep_bound@slythindor.org
8. Sign the 'cover' if you get the urge.
9. Package it up carefully.
10. Address it to the next person. (Choose someone from your flist to pass it on to.)
11. Take it to the Post Office.
12. Pay for postage.
13. Send it out.
14. Post to the community and let us know that you've passed it on, and if you have the urge, give us your impressions of the project.

What can I put in the journal?

This is a McShep-centric fandom journal. All fanwork must centre around John and Rodney. Crossovers, Fan fiction, haiku, poems, image manipulations, original artwork, very small objects, song lyrics - if you can think it and it will fit in the journal, you can do it.

What if I have a question?

Post it to the community, or write mcshep_bound@slythindor.org

I have a concern.

Post it to the community, or write mcshep_bound@slythindor.org

What about copyright?

Copyright of the works offered is retained by the author/artist/participant. The journal is similar to a fiction anthology where each author retains the rights to his/her own work.

What about copyright infringement?

As a fannish project we are working with content that is - with regards to fan fiction - transformative. The use of images is a bit more complex. However, fandom has been offering zines and merchandise at conventions, and participating in charity auctions, for years without issue.

We don't see this as a concern, at the moment.

Does it cost me anything?

Yes! It will cost you the price of whatever materials you use for your project, and the price of postage when you send it out. Keep in mind that this can be an expense if you are sending it overseas. And, we know that this will be an international project!

What happens to the journal when it’s done?

The journal will be auctioned and the money donated between David Hewlett’s and Joe Flanigan’s favourite charities.

What charities?

Doctors Without Borders, and Waterkeeper Alliance

Will there be more journals started?

Perhaps, if there’s an interest when the first one is finished. fandom_bound has a number of multi-fandom ongoing journals. Check them out!

I know I'm not going to be able to participate in the auction, and anyway, what if I don't win? I want to see!

We will be chronicling each journals creation here and/or at the McShep Bound website. You will see the journal as it is being created and be able to enjoy it in it's entirety online.

How much can I put in? How many pages do I get?

You can have anywhere from a half page up to two (2) pages. No more than 2 pages. The two pages should be facing each other - i.e. 2-3, 24-25, 36-37. If you need more space you should create a leaflet, or fold-out that you can attach with glue to your pages.

Can I do my work on another page and glue it to the journal page?

Yes. Be aware of others work when working with the glue.

I don't have anyone I can send it to on my friends list. What do I do?

You can contact mcshep_bound@slythindor.org and she will either have you send it back to her so she can pass it on, or she will have you send it to the next person on the 'community' list.

The journal is getting full and looking worn. It's not very sleek.

Good. We want a journal that looks lived in. We want to take the utmost care that the journal can house all of the offerings, and care that the offerings are protected, but as with a scrapbook we'd like the journal to have personality. Fandom isn't sleek. It's full of life and brimming at the edges with attitude.

Is there an age restriction for journal participation?

Yes. Currently, the journal is adult only.

What about my personal info?

Personal contact information – mailing address, etc. – will be shared between the person sending the journal on and the person who is receiving it next. I (belletrist) will also be collecting any necessary personal information and money when we get to the auction, and will be sending the completed journal to the auction winner. I will also have your email address when you send me the photo, scan, etc. of your contribution to the journal. I will not share this information with anyone else, and it will not be used for any other purposes. Any questions regarding the exchange and use of personal contact information may be addressed directly to me, or may be addressed in the community. Please, if you do not feel comfortable with our information exchange policies, raise your concerns. I want everyone to be at ease with the way we do things. This is supposed to be a fun endeavour! =) Any advice, constructively presented, is always welcome.


Thank you to darklock for allowing the use of fandom_bound’s FAQ and other info, as well as for the use of the idea. =)
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So, just to make sure that I understand, there isn't an exclusivity requirement for what we put into the journal? That is, there's no rule saying that we can't post the fic/art/etc. in our LJs or on comms?
Nope, you can freely post what you put in the journal elsewhere. The pages will be posted here/on the website, as well. =)
Since I don't have a scanner, or know anybody who has one that I could use, is it okay if I take a picture of the page with a digital camera and send it to you instead?
Yup, that's perfectly fine. I just want to make sure people can see the pages as the journal gets added to. =)
I know that this is a journal, so pen and ink would seem to be the medium of choice, but fandom is so much more than what we write and draw. My biggest contribution in this fandom so far is my beta work and my podfic recordings. Would I be able to sign up and then add my McShep podfic in CD form, attached to the pages with a little CD envelope or something? Provided I had the author's permission, of course.
Y'know, I don't see why not. I'm sure whoever ends up winning the journal would be /thrilled/ to have a CD of you reading fic. I know I would! ;) So sure, that'd be grand.
At first I didn't understand how you could sell a live journal *sigh* but once I understood the concept I must admit that WOAW ! Why did nobody have such a great idea before ??? It's wonderful !

I have to say I'd really like to be a part of it but I'm in France :s the postage price doesn't bother me but I perfectly understand if some people are reluctant. Wouldn't it be possible that I send one of the mods a fanart (of course, that's the best I would do for the journal) and she includes it soI'm the only one who pays ? But it wouldn't be really a snail-mail. Or maybe we should make a map of the participants and encourage them to mail the journal to someone in their area ? I really don't want to annoy anyone because I'm far away from everybody. é_è"
If there was no one willing to send to France, then sure, you could always email me a drawing, and I could print it and include it in the journal. =) Or I can send it to you myself.
Actually I was thinking of including an original artwork, not a print so yes, I could send it to you. I'm going to join and see what happens !
My wife just pointed out to me that one other member is in Germany, so perhaps you and she can exchange when the time comes. =)