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John Reading

July 2007

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saldemonium in mcshep_bound

Sign Up Post

Anyone who wants to participate, comment here to sign up.

And welcome! =)


This idea is absolutely wicked! *dork*

Sign me up! :D
I would very much like to participate in this. Sounds like a lot of fun. :)
*waves hand* sign me up!
What a terrific idea! Count me in :)
Sign me up! *leaps about madly*
It sounds like such a cool idea, I'd love to be a part!!
Absolutely. :D Sign me up!
I'm intrigued. Sign me up, too.
Oh Yeh. I'm so ontop of this.
Cool! I'll sign up!
God, this is such an awesome idea. Count me in!
Me! 'Cause fandom_bound was so much fun!
Sign me up please! :D
Sign me up!!
Count me in on this one. :D
Me! MeMeMe! Um... please?

*raises hand*

Yes, I'd like to participate as well. To whom should I send my snail-mail address?

Re: *raises hand*

No need to send your addy yet, we're still just in the sign-up phase. =)
I'll do it, and I live near littlebuttercup, so one of us can hand it off to the other instead of having to pay postage.
I'm in!
Count me in.
Hello! I'm keen, please sign me up =)
I just stumbled over fandom_bound the other day, and a purely McShep version sounds great! So I'm signing up too. ^.^
'kay, question answered, sign me up!
Sir, yes sir ! :)
This is pretty cool! I'm in!
I'd like to participate.
Bit late to this, but I'd love to participate.
I love the idea. I'm in!
Is it too late for me to sign-up?