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John Reading

July 2007

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saldemonium in mcshep_bound


I can't believe we have twenty people signed up already! Wow, I'm just so thrilled at your interest. A big thank you to everyone who's signed up. You can see a list of who's playing here: Participant List

I'm going to be buying the blank journal this week, and once my wife and I have our contributions in it, it'll be sent off.

How do you guys think we should do the mailing?

  • We could go down the list in order of sign-ups.
  • Whoever is ready to pass it on can post a 'who wants it?' and perhaps take the first person who replies.

I'd like to do this as fairly as possible, so please weigh in with what you think, or suggest other ideas, and I'll post a poll later.

Again, thanks everyone for your interest. I think this is going to be a blast. =)


I know that cost might be a factor for some people. I'm in the US but willing to send overseas if that becomes an issue.


In order to facilitate a quicker mailing turnaround, maybe we want to go in geographical order? That way less time is wasted with long snail mail waits?

I did a fan-signing of a picture for Vincent Ventresca, and things went pretty smoothly when we went in order of geographical proximity.

Re: Suggestion

This seems pretty logical to me. Then those of us who live much closer to each other (i.e., same metro area) could share it and split shipping costs.
Or you could come up with a calendar of slots and ppl could pick one. That way ppl can pick slots in which they know they'll not be very busy at work or on holiday etc, and will thus be able to make their contribution. It will also limit ppl's time with the journal to whatever you decide is fair, preventing ppl sitting on it for 6 months when they just can't get around to finishing their contribution.

What do you think?

As I'm from the backwaters of Europe I'd just like to add to your basic suggestion that when one person is done with the journal - or even when they get it, so there's a time-window to decide the next in line - they post their basic location (country and/or state) so the folks closest to there can volunteer to get the journal. It's actually a bit backwards, since receiving is FREE and sending costs money, so the accent should be on people speaking up when they're near by - although as far as I know airmail overseas or even inside the EU has a pretty unified cost. (Oh, airmail or whatever is similar should be made a must, I think, as there was a package from Canada that traveled over a month to get to me - presumably by ship, definitely NOT by air - and that's an awfully long time to waste in shipping.)