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McShep Bound

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Sending a McShep themed journal around the world.
Inspired by fandom_bound, this community is for the creation and journey of a McShep-centric fan journal.

This journal will be McShep only - fandom_bound has journals for multiple fandoms – and only those over 18 may participate as the journal may feature adult content.

Anything that you can fit into the journal is welcome. Stories, drabbles, poems, original lyrics, haiku, image manips, drawings, cartoons, watercolour, scrapbook layouts – as long as they’re McShep-centric.

The goal is to have fun, and to share our interest and talent with other fans. When completed, the journal will be auctioned and the profits will be divided, with half going to David Hewlett’s favourite charity: Doctors Without Borders, and the other half to Joe Flanigan’s favourite charity: Waterkeeper Alliance. The completed journal will go to the winning bidder.

NOTE: The journal will be chronicled online as it is created, so we can enjoy the beauty of it as it emerges.

This is a project that will run over a long period of time, as hopefully the journal will be traveling all over the world.

Please read the FAQ for more information on participating.

List of participants

IMPORTANT! PLEASE NOTE! Personal contact information – mailing address, etc. – will be shared between the person sending the journal on and the person who is receiving it next. I (belletrist) will also be collecting any necessary personal information and money when we get to the auction, and will be sending the completed journal to the auction winner. I will also have your email address when you send me the photo, scan, etc. of your contribution to the journal. I will not share this information with anyone else, and it will not be used for any other purposes. Any questions regarding the exchange and use of personal contact information may be addressed directly to me, or may be addressed in the community. Please, if you do not feel comfortable with our information exchange policies, raise your concerns. I want everyone to be at ease with the way we do things. This is supposed to be a fun endeavour! =) Any advice, constructively presented, is always welcome.

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